ה-B-2 PRO הינו מיקרופון קונדנסר אולפני עם דיאפרגמה כפולה לביצועים מירביים. זמרים ובעלי אולפנים יופתעו על יד ביצועיו המרשימים, ותכונות חשובות כמו מסנן נמוכים.
ה-B-2 PRO מעניק תחום 12 קה"ץ מובלט קצת, מה שיוצר את אופי הנוכחות (presence)אשר לרוב מאפשר לוותר על הגברת הגבוהים לאחר מכן, זו שגם מגבירה את רמת הרעש. הוא מציע את רמת שקיפות צליל אותה אפשר למצוא רק במיקרופונים קונדנסרים בעלי דיאפרגמה רחבה לקצה העליון.
תכונות חשובות הן האפשרות לבחור מירקם קליטה, בין קרדיואיד (כיווני), אומני (רב-כיווני) או תצורת-8 (דו-כיווני). מסנן התדר הנמוך מאפשר הסרת רעשי מבנה נמוכים ביותר, והסיכוך הפנימי מנחית רעשי קרינה מתדר גבוה. מנחת -10 דיבי מאפשר הצבת המיקרופון מול מקור צליל חזק מאוד, והוא משווק במארז מתכתי נאה, עם התקן בולם-זעזועים ומגן רוח.

Professional 1" gold-sputtered dual-diaphragm condenser microphone for unsurpassed audio quality
Ideal as main and support microphone for studio and live applications–perfect for acoustic instruments and overhead etc.
Selectable cardioid, omnidirectional or figure eight pickup pattern
Pressure-gradient transducer with shock-mounted gold-sputtered dual-diaphragm capsule
Switchable low-frequency roll-off and input attenuation
Ultra low-noise transformerless FET input eliminates low-frequency distortion
Gold-plated 3-pin XLR output connector for highest signal integrity
Rugged construction with satin nickel-plated brass body
Heavy-duty suspension mount, windscreen and aluminum transport case included
3-Year Warranty Program*
Designed and engineered in Germany


The B-2 PRO microphone is a home recording enthusiast’s dream come true! These professional-quality condenser microphones are designed to capture your sounds with incredible realism, sensitivity and accuracy. With selectable pickup patterns (cardioid, omni and figure eight), frequency filters and input pads, B-2 PRO ultra-low noise mics are an excellent choice for any recording scenario – and rugged enough to go the distance! With a heavy duty suspension mount and windscreen included in the sleek aluminum case, the B-2 PRO just may be the only microphone your studio will need.

What is a Condenser Mic?

Condenser microphones are the ideal choice for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments. They’re the primary type of microphone used in recording studios and radio stations. B-2 PRO mics are capable of capturing much more detail than most dynamic microphones because of their wider, flatter frequency response. Another difference between condenser and dynamic mics is they contain active circuitry that requires phantom power (+48 V) for operation. You can power your B-2 PRO using any phantom power equipped BEHRINGER XENYX mixer, plus enjoy the benefits of our state-of-the-art XENYX mic preamps.

Why the B-2 PRO?

The B-2 PRO condenser microphone is an affordable, high-quality way to get what you really hear down on tape (or in bits). Thanks to the pressure gradient transducers and shock-mounted 1.0" gold-sputtered dual-diaphragm capsules, the B-2 PRO mic deliver an open, transparent sound with excellent transient response, with ruler-flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and a slight boost in the presence range. The B-2 PRO has three selectable pickup patterns: omni for capturing sound in all directions, cardioid for picking up your source signal while rejecting off -axis sound, and figure eight for picking up only what is directly in front of and behind the microphone’s diaphragm – without any bleed from the sides.

Thanks to its exceptional transducers and gold-plated XLR outputs, the B-2 PRO truly delivers on the promise of noise-free transmission, with the utmost transparency. The B-2 PRO also has a switchable -10 dB attenuator to capture high-volume signal sources without distorting, as well as a low-cut filter to tame ultra-low frequencies.

But That’s Not All…

The B-2 PRO microphone is designed to be your go-to condenser mics for many years to come. The tough, die-cast metal body can withstand all the rigors of those late-night recording marathons – and the included carrying case ensures they always travel in safety and style.

The studio-grade B-2 PRO condenser microphone is an excellent choice for both live and studio applications, and available at a price that will leave you with enough cash left over to secure other recording essentials. Check out the incredible B-2 PRO at a dealer near you.

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