Hidden IR Repeater System

סט מרחיק עיניות IR


ניתן להשתמש ב 3 עיניות מקלט להפעלה מאזורים שונים ו 12 מכשירים מופעלים
עינית המקלט מסופקת עם כבל 2.4 מ‘ בכדי לאפשר התקנה נוחה וללא מאריכים.

High Sensitivity: Real time transmission without any delay with its high sensitivity sensor.
CFL Friendly: This unit can be installed in an area with compact fluorescent lighting and work in most lighting environments.
Remote Indication Light on IR receiver: Green being power connected while flashing red indicates the signal is being sent.
Broadband Remote Control: With this feature, it is compatible with almost all the electronics appliances in the market with its wide frequncy range.
Size: small & solid design.
Low Poower Consumption: 12V DC, 30mA max.

Receiving Frequency Range: 34kHz to 60kHz.
Emitting Frequency Range: 38kHz & 56kHz.
Receiving Distance: 8 Meter.
Emitting Distance: 100-200mm.
IR Transceiver Box Dimension: 90 x 55 x 26 mm.
IR Receiver Cord Length: 3 Meter.
IR Emitters Cord Length: 2.4 Meter.
Connector Type: 3.5mm mini plug.

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