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The MIPRO SM-32 saxophone microphone set has been designed after years of collaborating with professional musicians. Three detachable wide dynamic range condenser microphone capsules, MU-10, MU-16 and MU-20, together with a gooseneck clip, offer optimal flexibility for performers and instruments. A shock-proof microphone module is connected to a gooseneck for minimizing handling and hitting noises. Simply integrate the SM-32 to the SH-32 and strategically place it in a position that picks up the accurate sound of the instrument. The SM-32 is easy to use, install or remove, protecting the instruments from surface scratches.

מק"ט: מיקרופון סקסופון MIPRO SM-32 קטגוריה:


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מק"ט SM-32
שם היצרן: MIPRO


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