מיקרופון אלחוטי UHF ידני
מקלט 2 ערוצים
למקלט יציאות מאוזנות בחיבור XLR וכן יציאות לא מאוזנות בחיבור PL.
טווח קליטה עד 50 מטר.
הסט מגיע עם 2 מיקרופונים ידניים באיכות צליל גבוהה
המיקרופון מופעל ע"י 2 סוללות 1.5V AA
מיקרופון מצויון לשירה,קריוקי ודיבור.


UX42 is a new generation of digital wireless microphone, using digital modulation and high-performance audio ADC and DAC, with very low latency audio encoder, to achieve high-fidelity audio transmission. Semi-U streamlined chassis design. It has a simple circuit, stable circuit characteristics. Covering the UHF frequency bands, can transmit stable audio carrier signal over 60 m visual range, encrypted transmission decoding circuit, completely shielded external RF interference. Highly cost-effective products in the wireless audio transmission field, to provide customers with more selectivity.


1 ﹑ Using UHF band, PLL phase lock circuit, stable characteristics, low harmonic radiation.
2 ﹑ Digital modulation, 32 encrypted digital audio transmission.
3 ﹑ Antenna diversity reception mode, effectively reducing the frequency of communications break phenomenon.
4 ﹑ Simple circuit structure, stable characteristics.
5, The maximum transmit power 13dBm (depending on region).
6 ﹑ Audio Maximum input 2Vpp, audio maximum output 1Vpp.
7 ﹑ Dual antenna diversity antenna circuit automatic selection information.
8 ﹑ 8-band audio EQ sound processor.
9 ﹑ Anti-whistle processing circuitry.
10 ﹑ Digital audio circuits very low latency (less than 3ms).
11, An audio processing circuit AGC limiter.
12, Flat frequency response range of 50Hz-16KHz.

Receiving channel:Dual channels
Carrier wave frequency range:500-980MHz,Depending on the region
Oscillation mode:PLL phase-locked frequency synthesizer
Modulation mode:Digital modulation
Radio – frequency sensitivity:Input 6dBμV,S/N>80dB
Working range:Straight line distance 60 meters. Note: The actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference.
Antenna processing:Dual antenna diversity, the antenna is automatically selected.
Sound Processing:ADC and DAC performance audio module, built-in 8-band EQ, anti-whistle processor
Comprehensive T.H.D.:<0.5% @ 1KHz
Dimension (mm):205(L) x 43(H) x 169(D)

מק"ט: מיקרופון אלחוטי כפול UX42 קטגוריה:


מיקרופון אלחוטי מקצועי כפול ידני UHF

מק"ט UX42
שם היצרן: AR ACOUSTIC

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